Attention, attention: The 41st edition will be held August 23-24-25    2019



The NANCY is a bit of a crazy expedition lasting 2 days and covering seven hundred kilometers on a pre-war motorcycle.


The NANCY is a dream that came true in 1979 thanks to the stubborn determination of eleven rash bikers in the face of general scepticism.


Today the NANCY is no longer an affair of adventurous pioneers. It has become a standard trial in the world of older motorcycles in Belgium and surrounding areas. It's a meticulous organization directed by a devoted team of people well-versed in the inherent contraints of the " old rods ". During the last few years more than seventy

contestants, their aides, and the inspectors have formed a procession of 200 people, where nothing is left to chance I they are well-fed, lodged in confortable rooms, assisted and taken care of in case of a breakdown. For sportsmen the NANCY is a real rally of steadiness: an average speed of 36 km/h is verified to the second at the departure, with hourly checks, and also verified secretly during the trip.


The NANCY is also a marvelous trip through the Ardennes, Gaume, and Lorraine where the lovely scenery passed through is so much more enjoyed at the slow rhythm of the big cycles. For everyone the NANCY is the true cyclist’s spirit where mutual aide is more than just empty words. It sometimes means spending a night putting back together a broken axle or fixing a broken belt that then permits a friend to make it back to Liege on his motorcycle.


The NANCY is also anxiety just before departure: will the cycle start, will she hold up through the trip? The fears begin to disappear as the group begins rolling through a still sleeping Liege and watches for direction avrous.


The NANCY also means driving through French villages where the people come out on their front steps to applaud as we pass by.


The NANCY is the warm atmosphere at dinner where discussion revolves around the day's impression and tricks for keeping the capricious engines functioning.


The NANCY means a sometimes sad awakening by certain drivers when it’s time to start back to " La Cité Ardente ".


The NANCY is that indescribable euphoria that comes over you as you approach the finish and begin to believe that you and especially your cycle have achieved the impossible.


The NANCY represents an official welcome at 2 of the most beautiful city halls in Europe, those of Nancy and Liége.


The NANCY is the suspense preceding the official ranking: which of you will win the cup?



The Nancy 2018


August 18th and 19th




Except last minute changes, the Saturday itinerary will include 339 km and the lunch stop will be held in Sainte-Marie-Sur-Semois, with the restaurateur of Mussy-la-Ville


On Sunday, there will be 343 km and the lunch stop will take place again in Roost at Luxlait, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


This year again new roads


INSURANCE: the organizer is obliged to take an insurance RC for every participant. It covers the damages caused to thirds.




The competitors are third between them: an accident between two competitors is insured.